Work Plan

Work package 1

Project management
Dissemination and Exploitation

Work package 2

Adjust Robot design according to the knowledge gained from early testing and pilot deployment programmes

Construct and update robots for the deployment programmes

Update usability of control software

Build acquisition system for data processing

Extended design update to fit market demands

Work package 3

Integrate ancillary equipment

Develop delivery support technologies

Train team and streamline operational routines

Design reporting tool for customer

Document safety approval procedures

Work package 4

Run pilot deployment programme 1

Collect data from software and robot usage from 1st pilot deployment programme

Sign up additional pilot customers as needed until product is ready for accelleration

Collect data from software and robot usage from 2nd pilot deployment programme

Work package 5

Update go-to-market strategy

Plan presales activities

Map key stakeholders and identify buying behavior

Plan for scaling

Work package 6

Ensure a scalable business model

Decide business approach

Negotiate procurement agreements

Prepare scalable service set-up

Work package 7

Comply with the appropriate ethics requirements of the project


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